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Year 9 Day 152 7:07
Ku`Bakai Roche

"CPs; Expiration Timer added - Requested by Ceth Starfire. (Since most CP items got more expensive, this should help out a little bit!)"

Hmm I'm wondering where we can see this, I didn't realize they expired.

My CP number went from I think it was green before but is red today. I don't see a timer though :(



Year 9 Day 152 7:34
It shows when you can click the buttons for more CPs, or something like that... and it's extremely annoying, IMO.


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Year 9 Day 152 7:34
Gitane Demone

When the CP number is red then it is time to click the CP links.

Year 9 Day 152 8:07
Ku`Bakai Roche

Oh thanks I clicked one still red but we'll see what happens :)

Edit: I clicked all the little banners and it finally turned to white after the last one :).

Edited By: Ku`Bakai Roche on Year 9 Day 152 8:31

Year 9 Day 152 14:03
So the timer only refers to when you can click the supporting banners again?

I was worried that it meant my CPs would disappear (expire) altogether if I did not spend them fast enough, like purchased cell phone time. Which did not really make sense in light of the increased CP cost for items comment.


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Year 9 Day 152 23:02
Lexxa Sunnar

IMO, I think it should have been or refered to as a CP refresh. Just like IZ stated, misleading to those with huge amounts of CPs.


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Year 9 Day 153 7:38
Okay, here's how I interpret it. Please correct if incorrect:

White: You have clicked all the support banners within the last 24 hrs. Don't bother checking again now. Wait until this becomes green.

Green: Green means go! 24 hrs have elapsed since you clicked a banner for CP. You can click again. Or you haven't clicked *all* the banners within 24 hrs. Go back and finish up.

Red: Slacker! You have been eligible to click support banners for more than 24 hrs. Therefore, you have missed a window to maximize your CP collection. But wait! There's more! If you act now, you can resume your support of SWC and continue getting CPs. The sooner you act, the sooner you can hop back on the optimum CP collecting/SWC supporting track!

(The first 2 seem to match my experience. Haven't had a RED counter yet so not sure.)


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Year 9 Day 153 7:45
Red was what green is now. People complained that red indicated that you didn't need to vote as you had already. In any case, if it changes colour, your got likns to vote.


Year 9 Day 156 14:08
Humbert Rakotsi

What to do to get rid of the green plus?I have one link left the Combine *Support Us* - what should be done there?

Year 9 Day 156 14:48
Click on all the small website icons and it loads them up. This gives you CPs.


Year 9 Day 156 15:01
Humbert Rakotsi

But what about the *Support Us* one?What should be done there?

Year 9 Day 156 17:49
I have the same banner. No matter how many times you click it, it stays there, you get no CPs and your CP timer stays green. I think it might be a glitch or a bug.

Year 9 Day 156 18:40
Yes, I've got that. Is it a proper link that went bad, or is it a new one that hasn't been linked properly?


Year 9 Day 156 19:37
I believe it's the new one that was causing the error earlier in the day

Year 9 Day 157 15:35
Leon Shade

I had the same problem, I clicked it today, and it worked.