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Year 9 Day 154 9:15
Do some people find it odd that almost the entire R-series has no skill in piloting ships at all? I'm not making this a suggestions for several reasons, one being the restriction on changing entities, but just throwing it our there to see if anyone else finds this odd. Considering these droids are supposed to help you fly and all, only 3 droids in the entire section composed of 7 can actually 'fly' a ship.


Year 9 Day 154 10:34
Solaris Sky

I did find it odd, originally. Though strictly speaking an astromech is very limited in its ability to function as a pilot - it still needs someone to plot the course, so this may explain why it doesn't have the capabilities.

Year 9 Day 154 11:51
Zorva Sobek

Astromechs' primary functions were to make repairs to ships and aid or replace the nav computer in hyperspace calculations, it wasn't meant to act as a substitute pilot. Their skills reflect that (I'm assuming they intend computer ops to be the pertinent skill for hyperspace calculations).


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Year 9 Day 154 14:09
Xavze Zavan

yet R2 could pilot Luke`s X-Wing or young Anakin`s N1 o_O

Didn't 3PO pilot some ship for Padma?


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Year 9 Day 154 16:08
Piico SaNikto

In Star Wars canon a droid could also be upgraded quite a bit, with different skills added to them via programs that could be installed. 3PO might have piloted a ship on occasion, but the majority of protocol droids wouldn't have been able to.


Year 9 Day 154 16:34
Neth Dharek

Factory droids were programmed with the basic functions they were intended to be used for: Astromechs could repair and do some piloting support, protocol droids could translate, and the likes.

If droids spent enough time without memory wipes, they learned skills (I guess with ease, since they were droids after all). R2-D2 and C-3PO aren't the most average of droids - R2 is for some reason a superhero among astromechs, so we must assume he is one of those rare A* products. C-3PO was built by Anakin so he probably did quite a good job there and added a lot of nice stuff.

Just think of the other droids we saw in the movie - they sucked at anything except being annoying and doing their task (usually at the same time).

Regarding Astromechs: I do believe that having them store hyperspace coordinates, or provide some other bonus to a ship, has been suggested. I presume that if a good enough suggestion is made and is backed up by a significant amount of players, it will be implemented. Only time will tell!

Year 9 Day 154 18:16
Hmm. I was just thinking of the bit in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke and R2 are heading to Dagobah and Luke tells R2 that he would prefer to fly manually - this infers that astros could pilot. ALthough I suppose people could put that down to R2's general invincibilty and do-everything mentality.

Ah well. Maybe when R&D comes we could upgrade droids for flyinh.