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Year 9 Day 159 16:45
How do stocks work? What happens when I buy them?


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Year 9 Day 159 17:41
Stocks are company shares.
You will become a shareholder when you own stocks. The person/faction that owns the majority of the stocks of a faction technically owns also said faction.

But owning also just a single stock gives you insight about the faction itself.

I have just sent you one stock of Cerberus Corporation. Click on it in your stock inventory to see the additional information you can get by it.

Enjoy :-)


Year 9 Day 160 18:14
Ruhk Joruus

Do stocks earn credits?

Year 9 Day 160 19:59
Leon Shade

No. Unless some faction is handing out dividends, but that is totally optional, and not that common.

Year 9 Day 160 21:02
Since this is a thread about stocks I might as well. How many stocks can a faction make when enterering the stock market? And can a faction enter the stock market at any time or only when they go faction?


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Year 9 Day 160 21:34
Rules: Stock and Stock Exchange

I think that answers your question. O.o

Year 9 Day 164 3:31
Jesfa Ackmin

You can release unlimited, but the server only puts up to like 7,386,353,245,754,246 or some weird number, in your inventory when you try to have that many.