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Year 9 Day 162 16:53
Selene Tal-Kyrte

Dear Administrative Staff of the Combine,

Not to try and revive anything about Red Scenarios themselves, but in a similar vein I wanted to pose a question about the possibility of RP combat. Specifically, if two faction-leaders with the consent of those involved mutually agreed and had an OOC contractual agreement to conduct RP combat (in any general platform be it on a specific forum, IRC, etc) with the results being database-affecting, (question posed:) might the combine and its staff be open to the possibility of factions doing this with the interaction of the admins to facilitate the database changes and perhaps facilitation of refereeing (as it were, the GM)?

Year 9 Day 162 17:41

How is this anything but a suggestion to revive Red Scenarios?

Scraping for a question to answer, I imagine the reasons they were discontinued still apply, and I have not heard of any plans to implement any more database-affecting roleplaying.

If there is a question remaining, ask, but suggestions go over there.


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Year 9 Day 162 21:04
Selene Tal-Kyrte

Yeah, I guess there's really not as much difference between this and red-scenarios as I was originally thinking. And the posting here was actually accidental instead of the suggestions forum, I just happened to be over here. My apologies.

Year 9 Day 163 8:01
Phryss is right, red scenarios or such won´t be re-opened.


Year 9 Day 187 11:59
Terry Fool

Hi every on! Iam new here and I have read about this " RED SCENARIOS" on other posts, and now i gott a understanding that it is a devided issue regarded this. And my questien is how come that this Red Scenarios is droped?, What went wrong?. I belive this tread is also dead but i wanted just to ask any way.

Edited By: Terry Fool on Year 9 Day 187 12:00
Year 9 Day 187 15:36
Because the system was inherently flawed. Because they took faaaar too long. Because it was hard to find impartial moderators that could be trusted with the relevant information about other players, and who didn't go inactive. Because a majority of them existed only for the purpose of breaking into a big ship you'd found and stealing it.

I'm sure there are other reasons. Those are the initial problems that spring to mind.


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Year 9 Day 187 22:57
Ocejela Opop

Wasn't that quite a few years ago? Also with the new computer advances couldn't it run faster? What about all the reputable moderators now? Syn, you, Jack T Ladd, Phryss and the others I haven't mentioned. I trust them.

Year 9 Day 187 23:11
It's not about the speed of the technology. It's the speed of the people posting. Ever been in a White Scenario? Seen how slowly they move?

And I can't speak for the other moderators (and in terms of scenarios it's very different from forum moderation, though I have done scenario moderation too) but moderating a Red Scenario is a LOT of work, and I don't want to deal with it. It's time consuming enough to GM/Mod a White Scenario, and that doesn't involve any skills, equations, or random number generation.

They were a bad idea, and we're better off without them.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 9 Day 188 11:21
None of us support their return or want to deal with them again.



Year 9 Day 188 19:05
Ocejela Opop

Ok, and no I haven't played in a White Scenario. But I see what you mean by the speed of people posting. I just mentioned you guys cause your all reputable moderators/traders/middlemen. I know this isn't my place but "Case closed" :)

Year 9 Day 188 21:41
And being a moderator, trader, or middleman has absolutely nothing to do with GMing a scenario. Some of us have experience, but it is wholly independent of any of those positions. Others of us have no experience in that area at all.