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Year 9 Day 164 12:18
Yrrehs Hpesoj

i just joined a faction and i have no idea how or were i buy a ticket to gentes

(i am currently on gand in the city of baktana)

Year 9 Day 164 12:25
Try to ask your faction about that, they will either help you or send someone to pick you up.


Year 9 Day 164 12:29
Yrrehs Hpesoj

my faction told was the one who told me to buy a ticket to gentes he said "buy a ticket to gentes tell me how much it costs and ill send you the money" but i have no idea were to buy one.

Year 9 Day 164 12:39
As I said, the faction is the first thing to ask such questions. In this case, the answer is "the local NPC starport."


Year 9 Day 164 12:40
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

So tell your faction representative that.


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Year 9 Day 164 12:54
The starport is the really big building in BakTana (4 squares by 8 squares) that has its top left corner at 9,13.

Information on the use of NPC transport can be found in the Rules, here:


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Year 9 Day 164 13:16
Yrrehs Hpesoj