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Year 9 Day 164 12:33
Yrrehs Hpesoj

is there any way i can figure out if i might be force sencitive before i go get tested because if there any way to get an idea without wasteing someones time id rather do that first.

Year 9 Day 164 12:39
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

If there were a way to find out whether you were force sensitive then you would obviously not need the test.


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Year 9 Day 164 12:40
Yrrehs Hpesoj

no i mean to see if its even posible before i go waste someones time

Year 9 Day 164 12:55
It is not possible to determine if you are Force Sensitive without being tested.


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Year 9 Day 164 13:23
Yrrehs Hpesoj

i dont want to deterimine it i just want to find out if there is a fair chance before i waste someones time checking me

Year 9 Day 164 13:39
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

No, there isn't a fair chance.


Staff consensus that avatar was inappropriately suggestive. (retards)
Year 9 Day 164 14:16
Neth Dharek

In fact, there is a way of determining the chance. Check up the rules and find the formula to calculate whether you are FS or not. At first level, as a Gand, your probability will be 6%, which is very, very poor. However, as you increase in levels, this probability will increase every 4 levels (I think), and you will have more chances - like 2% or something, which isn't really that great.

So the best thing you can do really is forget about the whole Force Sensitive thing, and play for fun until you get a change to be tested - e.g. the faction you're in has a Jedi coming in to do it. That'll mean you're playing the game to enjoy it.

Year 9 Day 164 14:37

It's every 5 levels, but yes--the formula is on the Life and Death rules page.


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Year 9 Day 165 17:05
Yrrehs Hpesoj

and dose a force test take just like a minute or more like an hour.

Year 9 Day 165 17:47
It's instant.