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Year 9 Day 167 21:20
I was wondering if the banner exchange is no longer an option.

I have twice tried to join the exchange and both times waited until a point where i am no longer permitted access from log-in.

Both times I have sent an e-mail about this to the exchange but have never received a reply.

Through all this I have kept the banners on my website. If there is a problem with something I have done I would just like to know so I can either fix it or stop trying, but I have never received any correspondence at all.


Year 9 Day 168 12:22
Solaris Sky

I had a similar problem. Perhaps this link will help you.

Year 9 Day 169 0:51
Thanks for the info Solaris but it still comes up LOGIN ERROR for me.

Good to hear your problem got sorted though.

Year 9 Day 170 20:57

It might be that the bx email isn't forwarding correctly; that sometimes happens with positions that don't seem to keep people in charge for very long. You might try sending a DM to Rhyasan Kronos, who currently manages the bx.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 9 Day 170 21:05
Thankyou I will try your suggestion.

Thanks again.