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Year 9 Day 171 17:00
Could someone look into this for me please as it is holding me back with a business partner and making me look questionable as a business woman. I donated three times this month. First a simple $5 on May 4 for which the cp's came through fine. Next I gave $40 on May 10, these are the culprits. The 40k from that donation have never shown up although for the $70 donation of May 12 the 70k cp's have arrived. I owe a ship in a business deal and the missing 40k are needed for me to spawn it. Would someone please look into it and let me know something. I have my paypal receipts if they are needed as a reference. Just let me know. I know things can get lost in "cyber-land" so no fault to anyone, I just need you to check it out. Thanks.

Year 9 Day 171 17:08

Veynom handles all donations; it'd be best to email him directly.


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Year 9 Day 171 19:03
Thanks, someone recommended I post here also, sorry if it is out of place. I have e-mailed him and will do so again if need be. Thanks.

Year 9 Day 171 19:31
I have heard several people complaining that he hasn't been answering emails actually.


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Year 9 Day 171 21:26
He won't necessarily have time, but it is the best way to reach him. Chances are, if you provide enough information, even if he does not respond he will deal with it.



Year 9 Day 173 2:36
I write this with the hope that it does not come across overly strong as I do not intend it to be a mean or angry post but, I am moving toward "very displeased" in this matter and I have heard the same from others. If Veynom does not have the time to do this, above it is stated that he doesn't have the time to be online much, then it would seem the job should be overseen by some assistant. Strangely enough, the donations made before and after the one now in question have been answered with cp awards. How then is this one being missed. I will still give this some more time but eventually I will have to take some action myself such as filing a complaint with PayPal. That will be my very last resort, I promise, and I will again address the matter herein before doing anything that drastic. I can understand when something is lost "between the cracks" but please, someone find it for me. I donate first because I like this game and want to help support it, second is the fact that I get the points. I still wish to make future donations to help out but please help me get this one straightened out first.

Year 9 Day 173 11:20

The only person who can resolve this for you is Veynom. The tech support team doesn't have any sort of access to SWC's paypal records.


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Year 9 Day 174 9:05
Just FYI, Veynom has DMed me and the cp's are coming.