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Ocejela Opop

What exactly is the point of a banking faction? I know the basics, facility management, loans, accounts, occasionally middles. Other then that they are boring and lame. What else can they do? I will list all questions here...

1. What is the point of a bank faction.
2. What do they do? (other then listed above)
3. What do pirate factions do?
4. Where do I find info on white scenarios?
5. Point of white scenarios?

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1-2. Essentially what you say. There are no features built in for them; they make their own work with what they have.

3. Also have no functions built in; they do what they choose to do. Some scam, some roleplay, that sort of thing.

4. Click the White Scenarios link at the top of the forum. Read News and Rules forum.

5. Roleplaying. Less importantly, XP. If you dislike roleplaying, you'll hate White Scenarios; they are nothing but structured RP.



Ocejela Opop

Thank's Syn. Btw does any know if anything better for those factions is being planned???...

Nothing is currently being worked on, but pirates will have more to do come combat.



Ocejela Opop

Ok final question in your opinion: Best type of Faction?

A successful one.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Ocejela Opop

:) EX: Bank, Pirates, Smugglars etc....

It's wholly subjective. At this point I don't have much time to do things IC, so I just go where people I like are. Consider your in-game goals and work towards them, or just find out what most appeals to you through trial and error.



Ocejela Opop

Ok thanks everyone, we're finished here...

Year 9 Day 192 19:11
We don't normally close topics unless they are moving offtopic or there is some specific reason.. editing the topic only makes it more difficult for others to use as a reference if they have similar questions.



Ocejela Opop

WHich faction has the best chance of becoming a government?

Edited By: Ocejela Opop on Year 9 Day 196 13:57
The one that works the hardest.

Of the existing factions? That's IC information and obviously you'd need to find out by doing IC research.

The requirements for going government are posted on the rules, so whichever faction is aiming for that goal and has the money and membership to support it. Most factions never intend to since they will no longer be able to mine/produce/etc.



Ocejela Opop

No I ment if I someday created (example) a bank, a transportion faction etc. Which has a better chance of being able to upgrade into a government?

Ashla Ta

Any of them you just have to fulfill the criteria.

Hence my answer, "The one that works the hardest."

Or, probably, "The one with the most competent leaders and members." Good luck with that.

Ocejela Opop

Thank's. You can probably eventually expect another pointless things = pointless questions, question...

Actually, if you look at it logically, a Banking faction has the best chance to go Government.

Quite simply, as they require the highest starting capital, they are the closest to having the capital required to go Government.

Any other faction will have to work that much harder to be able to raise their capital to meet the Govt requirements.

Of course, it takes a lot longer BEFORE you become a faction to raise the capital to start a Banking Faction... but that wasn't the question.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Talak Drakar's survival guide for swc

Mostly, those factions that has a trusted mining RM provider that works hard as affiliates, easy access to ship construction factions with Hauler DCs make a good living in this galaxy, remember this is a social experiment, and all are subjects to it so connections is the key, I find it hard to find any governments spring up over night today, as you can see there are already 20 of them and all want to be the rulers of this galaxy, I have to say it. You need to slave like 1½ years in any of the existing factions/governments to afford your own faction, slave a bit, make sure the faction pay is at least 500,000 credits per month as most of them can afford it.

Today’s markets are screwed up so don’t buy this member city stuff, that only keeps you from leaving the faction/government if you want to try something new, they simply rips your future riches away when you leave as in faction leader or executive officer or owner get grumpy at you or someone of that ones closer friends get pissed at you and they decide to demote you or simply A/E you to make an example out of you. If uncertain on the faction you works for, let them pay in advance the first month/months. Trust no one!

Always be ready to race ship if necessary, main goal first months is to CP click or buy a ship that is allowed to be close at all times, especially if you works for any of the more A/E notorious factions/governments around here. That way you wont loose your beloved character if you trips and runs your head into the wrong person, remember your character is your life in this game. If a faction/government can't accept this, screw them; go for something else as it probably screws you sooner or later anyway.
Check their IFF list, a lot of enemies = less fun for you, do not trade with the foe’s if you aren’t drinking beer and playing cards with the faction/government owner each Friday night and got special privileges to trade off the record – non official with faction enemies.

The more enemies a Faction or Government got the more tied back are you to advance and become something within this game, always remember that and you will be just fine, as in you can't eat the whole cookie and still have stuff left to chew the day after. Try to avoid cities or facilities for sale, as those cities sooner or later may be crushed by someone that figures out how to use its protontorpedoes in this game one-day, and as such, if you still goes for facilities, make sure the city or planet got decent protection or that you at least own the power generators in that city if you still invest in those overprized buildings you find out there.

Make sure to always have cash payments, if the faction fails to pay it in time more then twice in a row, change faction. If you are ready to work hard in Darkness you can get decent rich in two years or so, you need to be active enough to rub together the credits needed for your own faction, any slaving below 250,000c a month is just a waste of time as you will never afford anything anyway, or if you are darn rich Irl, donate to the game server for CPs and flood the market with Bayonet-class Light Cruiser.

"I know many loves that option" so I had to put it in just for show, If you believe enough in this game to do such a thing, As in donating $228 per Bayonet-class Light Cruiser well do it that way then. You probably wont feel any difference anyway.

Sell one then and now, or save them until you see that they go for at least 12 million each again at Centrepoint Marketplace. Collect the wealth needed with a bit of patience, always use a trusted middle, never work for breadcrumbs, always pay attention to the leadership if they suck the faction/government will sooner or later suck as well, do what you want, it’s a free galaxy, never take shit in this game from anyone rooted down in its seat, just go away try something new after all it is a game, not as in Irl the boss is a complete ass and you have to live with it cause there is no other jobs.

To build faction - most important thing in this game is to have the right connections, as in not stomping at to many toes, if you want to be dishonest, make sure to find a good teacher before making a fool out of yourself, as there is very few recognized thieves in this game. Try being honest, it may pay out in the end. Build a faction with your best friends, maybe family, Irl friends etc, if you share connection make sure to have multi-accounts and be sure to always have that stuff in order or you get banned.

I tell you this cause swc is notorious for its backstabbing, scamming etc, you wont find a more wretched hive of scum or villainy.

The best chance you have to make a Government, from being a faction, is to wait for combat to be released, if your faction has worked hard, or when this is an option, factions, played your cards right and you are ready, maybe you can make a Governments fall by your own to make room for your future factions to become a Galactic Government, I would use something "useless" to make a Government off, like banking (make sure to have a trusted bank faction that can help you with what they can do though) then you do not loose good stuff when going from Faction to Government, as the going to Gov snatches the normal faction privileges from you.

Have a nice day....

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Ocejela Opop

Thank's that was very very helpful :) I have a new question, which is preferred bounty hunters guild or bounty hunters alliance? Also reward offers I could sign up for a pile of those and get a bayo, right?

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