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Archives » Character speed.. I didnt account for that
Shran Namis

Ok so I didnt account for speed when creating my character... and now it takes me like 5-6 hours just to travel around a city!! :( i cant create another account and well I cant change my skill points! Please somebody help me! I really wish to play this game but if I cant move whats the point! If you have an answer please messege me or reply to this forum..

That's not entirely your fault, it simply takes that long to move unassisted.

I suggest joining a faction, which can provide you with a ship, so that you may move around much faster.

Either that, or look out for the "Vehicle Rental" NPC. There's one available in every race starting city and you can rent a vehicle from it which will allow you to travel a little faster.

Additionally, every time you level up you receive an additional skillpoint, which can be spent on upgrading your speed-relevant skills.


Shran Namis

But where is this npc? like i am in the city of csilla and idk which npc is which? is it a certain building?


The NPC should be standing somewhere outside your racial starting city, and he should also be obviously named.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?