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Year 6 Day 239 20:48

From rules page:

Upon becoming a government, all faction stocks (if any) are deleted. The newly formed government will immediately and automatically pay the owner of the remaining 5% stocks at the rate of 1.5x the stock value. All stocks are then deleted.

Finally, the initial membership of the faction is reset to the number of members that the faction has when becoming a government.

Governments have no owner and so cannot be sold.

If Governments have no owner, who appoints the faction's leader? Does the owner replace the existing leader if a faction becomes a gov?

Year 6 Day 239 21:42
I'm assuming that it's the owner's choice when a faction becomes a government. Therefore, they'd be an idiot to make that change without themselves being the leader of the faction that's changed to a government.

The faction leader has ultimate power in a government, including subsequent leaders. The only change to this might be if a government leader is long-term Inactive, while the rest of the faction is active, in which case the Admin might step in and change the person manually.


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Year 6 Day 241 15:44
If I understand the requirements correctly. The leader of a faction wanting to become a gov must own 95% or more of the faction. So the leader would have to be the owner as well.