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Year 9 Day 196 2:50
Cesodevo Avina

I never tried it, so,

is docking/undocking into/from a moving ship possible?

Scenario: There's a space battle going on. So, my capital ship with 20 sublight with me as pilot arrives in a system, and while the ship is moving, my pilots head to the docking bay, and undock from my ship in their fighters to jump into battle. Is that possible? Or do I as pilot of the carrier have to bring the ship to a stand?


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Year 9 Day 196 7:39
Cern Dragoon

It's been a while, but yes, I believe you can. You can also leave a Pilot Droid with a Cap Ship piloting skill of 1 or more in the cockpit, and then you can board a ship and undock, too, all while the Cap continues moving.

Year 9 Day 196 8:01
If you try to undock while the ship is moving, you should get a "the docking bay doors are closed" message, i.e. at this time you cannot leave the ship while it's moving.

This was added to prevent people setting course into a star (with other people onboard), then leaving the ship to stay unharmed.


Year 9 Day 196 9:55
Cesodevo Avina

Oh, it is already possible to set a course for a sun and run into it and come out unharmed, even without this method.

But the question is answered. Thanks.


Time to go to war with the Flame Tigers!