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Year 6 Day 250 22:40
it has already taken place.

all factions that had budget points have gotten a re-fund. there is a topic about it in leaders forum.


Year 6 Day 251 5:59
Kevin Chambers

Not all factions, CorSec never got anything and we had budget points that we were told by Ranma to use once Darkness was out. There was a bug and since darkness was coming out they didn't feel like fixing it to let us redeem them or something like that.

Year 6 Day 251 13:05
The Way was a newer faction... Don't think it had budget points, did it? Thought they were yanked by then.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 251 17:50
I'm pretty sure we were formed before they got yanked. I had plans for them, and had to rethink my plans when I saw the news about them being refunded.

Edited By: Kayleb on Year 6 Day 257 23:14

Year 6 Day 258 7:21
Kevin, I think thoose credits were refunded directly into the faction account, if you had any BPs left according to old DB.

Kayleb, I doubt very much you had any BPs since most factions created after darkness didnĀ“t have any. Main reason for that was that there were no working interface to actually buy BPs during faction creation. But if you had bought some they were refunded.


Year 6 Day 258 8:55
Kevin Chambers

I'm pretty positive they weren't Tyr from the fact that I didn't see the creds jump and the fact that I've had conversations with Khan about it. Who basically said that Veynom told him we weren't going to be reimbursed.

Year 6 Day 259 13:47
ok. I was under the assumption that factions started off with a set number of BPs.

Rightio then.


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