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Year 9 Day 211 21:03
What is the possible range a starting player can have for credits immediately following their character creation? Does it mention this in the rules anywhere?


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 9 Day 211 21:22
Krote Kalmar

All character's start with the same amount. Been awhile since I join, but I think it around 12k.


Year 9 Day 211 21:26
Its been a while for me too...thats why I asked. I thought it was a range though. Something like 10,000-50,000.

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Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 9 Day 211 22:53
I got 18k upon spawn if i recall correctly so it is a range of some sort.


Year 9 Day 211 23:17
I got 15k i thought thats what everyone got


Year 9 Day 211 23:27
Xavze Zavan

I started with 10k o_O


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Year 9 Day 212 0:10
Ocejela Opop

I had like 12k or maybe 9k... Who knows exactly?

Year 9 Day 212 0:52
I believe the range is something like 5k-25k. It's been adjusted several times to account for in-game inflation. I think way back when I started the range was like 1k-5k. I want to say I got about 2k plus change.


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Year 9 Day 212 7:08
Deakon Jarvis

4 years ago it was 5k and a yt 1300 was 500k says alot about economy in swc

Year 9 Day 212 7:09
Jaddar Thesk

I started playing about a month ago and got a lordly 12k and change fwiw.


Year 9 Day 212 13:43
Kyle just stated in a suggestions thread that he has changed it to a range from 40k-100k.

Year 9 Day 212 17:36
I always thought everyone gets the same amount. Is there an equation or something to determine the starting amount?



Year 9 Day 212 20:17
I doubt there's an equation. It is literally random. So, it was recently changed to 40k to 100k? Shouldn't it have a definitive answer listed somewhere in the rules under character creation?


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 9 Day 212 20:57
I only got 8500k :'(

Year 9 Day 212 23:55
Yes, it is 40-100k as of the next sync.



Year 9 Day 214 9:55
Stal Kalar

Geez, I think I got 10k, but that new range will give the beginners a lot more money. I know there's inflation, but still that sum is pretty huge. My first paycheck was 100k and they might get that as starting money. WOW.


Year 9 Day 214 13:11
Correct, this covers the potential max cost of NPC transport and vehicle rental. Still need to join a faction to be able to afford anything useful.