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Year 9 Day 226 11:24
Israel Sousa

Recently EMC lost control of 2 planets, Malloth and Calirawen, because the power related bug.
During that time 2 cities were placed in Malloth, and some hidden might had been placed on those planets.
Since the admins mentioned that any actions taking advantage of this bug, in a recent Sim News, would be punished.
I would like to ask any admin when they'll pass from words to action, and reverse what was done, because of this bug.

Year 9 Day 230 4:13
Danakin Turner

The builder, Mishelle Allari, was unaware that it was in fact a bug causing the loss of control and didn't mean to exploit the bug.

Year 9 Day 230 4:42
Will the builder be transferring the cities to the controlling faction?



Year 9 Day 233 17:20
Danakin Turner

We have been negotiating purchasing the cities and the buildings, I am hoping to finalise that, if it breaks down we have been told to contact Tidus to correct the issue.

Year 9 Day 241 16:45
Danakin Turner

We are still trying get hold of Tidus.
Syn are you able to investigate/correct this issue?

Year 9 Day 241 19:47
No. Have you reported this in the bug base yet?



Year 9 Day 242 5:54
Danakin Turner

Yes, the bug was reported, been worked on and is now marked as solved, as the bug itself is solved. The damage from the bug hasn't been reversed, and Tidus so far has been unreachable, Israel has been chasing this matter up himself.

Year 9 Day 243 1:03
Israel Sousa

Sent already 2 e-mails to assistants@swcombine.com, and no reply.

Year 9 Day 243 13:01
Tidus currently still has his hands full with the missing entities reports; he will hopefully get to this after he finishes, unless Abath is able to figure it out first.

However, since you mentioned the bug is marked as closed, you should open a new one to explain what still needs to be fixed, since that is still the best way to ensure that reports are not overlooked. Forum threads have a far higher likelihood of being ignored.



Year 9 Day 243 20:44
Danakin Turner

Thanks Syn.

Done and reported it here:
Should be all the issues covered hopefully a speedy fix.