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Archives » Items - mine or not mine?
Year 9 Day 235 13:09

I think I left myself out of the loop regarding the recent item changes and now I'm confused. I've bought some items from Galmart, went to the depot, equipped them and left. However, they don't appear in my inventory. Is there any way I can "claim" them as mine?

Thank you in advance,



Uriq Hannar
Year 9 Day 235 13:26
Xim Reyes

I believe that item claiming is planned for implementation later, though it is not currently possible.

The suggestion for the claim button is here.

Year 9 Day 235 13:52
If I am not mistaken you should just contact Galmart and they can make the items over to you, thereafter they would appear in your inventory.


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 9 Day 235 14:14
From Galmart's website http://www.silverfalls.org/GalMart/:

"if you have items picked up since the script runs, please rename them with your handle, and we'll attempt to get someone with a high speed connection to do makeover."


Light speed is too slow! We're going to have to go right to...Ludicrous speed.

Amp Thane, Captain, BFF-1 class freighter EQUUS
Year 9 Day 235 17:43
Ah yes, I skipped going through their website and forum because I thought that their part of deal was done. Obviously, I was wrong. Thank you for correcting me. I suppose this can be closed now.


Uriq Hannar