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Judas Monk

I started out on corellia and i've walked around and wasted several hours of trying to find some way to get off the planet and travel, but i can't seem to find any NPC or shop the would either rent/or sell me a ship. even though i don't have much credits i think it's enough to maybe rent a ship. Any advice/help would be much appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.

Hello Judas Monk.
Welcome to the wonderful world of StarWarsCombine.

I suggest you have a look in the guide (link is at the top of each page). It is quite self-explaining :-)


One thing the guide does not tell you how to do; Find out which city has off world transport.

From your travel screen, select planet to view all of the cities. Look for a city that looks like this;


Now that you have a desired destination, you should look for the NPC who can rent you a speeder, cross terrain travel on foot will take forever.

Once you arrive in the city you will find the NPC who can arrange your passage off the planet inside the starport.

If you have not selected a faction or group to join, you should do so. There are also a couple groups that offer to rent you a ship to use. You have a limited amount of starting funds, purchase your passage off Corellia wisely or you could find yourself on another planet with no way to leave.

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Judas Monk

Alright thanks for the info.

The real key is pick a good faction to start with. Larger factions are usually better about picking up new people and getting them up to speed on the interface. You may not want to stay there indefinitely, but for getting started, they are excellent resources.


Judas Monk

Well i am a freelance right now and not sure which Faction i want to join At this moment

Jaddar Thesk

If you want some time to think about factions, and want to be freelance, then you can rent a ship and get a job asap. There are usually other rental offers listed in the classifieds as well, so check them out too.

However, it is generally the path of least resistance to join a faction, being independent is a lot more work from what I understand. It all depends on what you want and how much effort you want to put in as in most things. Good luck.

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Warning this is strictly Orions McPhees Opinion, it may or may not have any bearing on events true or imagined