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Archives » How do I get my skill level above 5?
Hi, my name is Arkondrius Ray`Dur. I am a Duroian Pilot for the Rebel Alliance. I have a skill of 5 in my Freighter/Fighter Piloting skill. After I gain enough experience to advance to the level of 2. I reviewed my character sheet to see how my skill points it would take to advance my skill of 5 to a skill of 6 in Freighter/Fighter piloting. I discovered that there is no way to advance from 5 to 6. In the rules it says that the max of any skill is 6. So why can't I upgrade my skill?



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Xim Reyes

Each skill has 6 levels of ability from 0-5. After you determine the importance of each skill group, you will distribute the available skill points to the various skills in each skill group.

- SWC Rules

Assuming this is the rules section you were talking about, I believe they count 0 as a skill level. If you count the zero, there are 6 skill levels. 5 is the maximum for all skills.

Edward Teach

Exactly as above there arte 6 starting at zero so 5 is the highest you can go on any skill

There is of course the possibility that stat modifying items (items, weapons, droids, etc.) will give a boost even to people that have a skill rating of 5 in some particular category. However, that boost wouldn't be recognized in a new skill level.


Then how come when you use the NAVCOMP you can choose from 0 -6?


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Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I think it was planned to have skills go up to lvl 6 with force assistance, at one time.


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Last I heard skills will only go from 0-5. Both the force and items will not add skill but rather effect equations directly. This could of course have changed and nothing is set in stone.

There are no plans for you to ever be able to raise a skill higher than 5 with SP.


The Navcomp is a 3rd party application that was added to the SWC site with permission because it was so useful and widely employed by members. The Administration is not responsible for the contents therein. If it contradicts the stated rules, assume it is wrong before assuming the rules are incorrect.


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I just wanted to know that's all.


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