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Archives » question about recent force changes
My Character was created when the force sensitivity rules for corellians was at 6%, when i was FS tested there was a bug testing all human characters at 5%, that bug was fixed a sometime in the past three months in that time i have not(willingly known, someone else may have?) been FS tested, and recently i read that all humans were set to 5% no matter their creation.

My question " since taking the first test when it was bugged, had that result been cleared from my character, and if a test had been done on me when it was at the correct 6% is that flagged, ultimately after these changes am i flagged or unflagged"

Edited By: Neel Koll on Year 9 Day 257 21:36
You... what?

No, your race's probability has just been set to 5% and that is what it will be calculated at the next time you reach a recalculation level.

Which is opposite of what the Admins have stated, Mikel?

The bug was that the vets who were around when it was 6% were being rolled at 5% when, as predating the change, we're supposed to still get the 6%.

Just like people don't lose stats when their race gets a stat change.

However, to properly answer Neel's question, no. You won't get a "re-roll"for the previous tests. I know the feeling as a Coruscani. However, it SHOULD be 6% the next level you reach. Unfortunately, there's not really any way for you to determine if that's what it'll actually be.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Actually Wil, if you read one of the last sync reports, you would have noticed that that rule was abolished and that all humans and sub-humans will have a future 5% Force Probability, i.e. all future rolls will be done with 5% instead of the old 6%.


Then why the hell was there that big fuss about correcting it for vets? Why do one thing just to reverse it?


Patriarch of House Ismay
Why the change in the first place is my question, are we overpopulated by Jedi, Dark Jedis and Sith? I mean it is not that it’s easy to become a FS in this galaxy. * Pats 4 former characters.* Yes this is my fifth. :P

Logic says it should become harder to get FS by each lvl as it is less probably that you are FS at all the older you get. There is only rare occasions in the Star Wars Saga where grown up men become Jedi or Sith.

Edited By: Talak Drakar on Year 9 Day 258 11:06

I expect it was done for ease of coding and simplification of rules.

Do remember where you are. Discussion and suggestion each goes in its respective forum.

Edited By: Phryss on Year 9 Day 258 11:21

I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
so thats a No, i wasn't unflagged when there was a bug, and wasn't unflagged after the new changes