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Year 9 Day 268 13:29

Why I am banned (Tony Barzini)? What reason? What grounds? What rules did I break? Where is the Sim News post? How long?

Year 9 Day 268 13:32
Xavze Zavan

you just dont know when to quit do you?


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Year 9 Day 268 13:39
Deleted Post
Deleted by Phryss. Reason: let's not encourage this, hm.
Year 9 Day 268 13:42

Alright there's the sim news post, but really there is no rule against posting alot, and how long is the ban?

Year 9 Day 268 13:51
Cesodevo Avina

...continued to spam a few forums that were hidden from the public in case restoration was needed. 

There are some places where you quite literally are not supposed to post. I believe the fact that you did this was one of the things that caused you to get banned.

As for how long the ban is, I did not see a timeframe posted, so I believe the ban is...forever.


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Year 9 Day 268 13:53

For posting in areas not supposed to be used by the public = Forever ban? That can't be right.There really should be something saying your not allowed to post there.

Year 9 Day 268 13:54
Your actions were deemed an attack on the forum. If you seriously are having difficulty figuring out why you were banned, you are wasting your time in seeking an unban at all. It is time for you to find a more suitable use for your excessive spare time.