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Archives » Question on process - Asset seizure from a gross inactive
Garven Stalwart

1) I was wondering if there was a way to seize assets from an arrested player.

2) Also as an arrested player could he still give these credits away or are they locked when under arrest.

I have a grossly inactive faction member that was given trade credits before I was in charge back at his beginning.

Jack Picardo joined Combine back on Year 6 Day 67 and last logged in on Year 6 Day 72.

Besides senselessly killing him, there should be some way to do a partial asset grab from him.



“You are part of the Corporate Alliance and a trader. Trade this you may.” -Satisfied Customer #3528.
1/ Not at the moment

2/ Locked

Come combat asset seizures such as this will be possible. They may come back one day and be none too happy about the loss of that ship they earnt.


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Garven Stalwart

So for now I would need to kill to get a million faction trade credits back? (I don't care about the rest of items or possessions although I assume little/none)

This seems a little harsh.

[I realize the other option is wait for combat.]

No special case fix as option not available, My character wouldn't kill for this (and I'm trying to play my character) and he hasn't been active in 178 days?

The million can be confirmed in his short active record as sent from Corporate Alliance.

I would include in my not killing for such a crime as also not handing him over to someone else to be killed.

So now another follow up. I know killing affects your characters Good/Bad rating, what about handing over a prisoner who is then killed? And in-faction where I issue/sign the death warrant and where he is handed to a different faction too please (same result different methods)

Thank you. Good to hear it is at least planed for in the future.


“You are part of the Corporate Alliance and a trader. Trade this you may.” -Satisfied Customer #3528.
Killing him won't get your money back, it will be deleted from the database


Is that reflected in the rules now or does it still say that the cash drops to their feet?


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Garven Stalwart

Really? Then can you help me with understanding this:

Death section 2.1

5th bullet: "Any credits will drop to the ground in a 'credit pouch' and the same process as for dropped items/weapons/droids is applied."

1st bullet: "When a character dies all accompanying items, weapons & droids with them, drop to the ground at that position. After 24 hours the server checks to see if any NPCs have picked up the objects; if not, they remain until an NPC does."

Couldn't I just pickup the "credit pouch"?

Or 4th bullet: "Items/weapons/droids housed or stored in a facility become the property of the owner."

kill him in my facility?

If credits can't be taken these rules need some more clarification.

Wilhelm just beat me. Can my post above still be adressed too please.

Edited By: Garven Stalwart on Year 6 Day 251 13:07

“You are part of the Corporate Alliance and a trader. Trade this you may.” -Satisfied Customer #3528.
Guess they haven't changed the rules to actually be correct...

Credit pouches, unfortunately, don't drop.


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Cam Antilles

Currently don't drop, either Drei can add code to A/E that transfer cash over to the killer, or I can work on an item that are "credits" that drop on death. Knowing Keir though, then he is going to ask me for a way to drop credits not on death.


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Max Fors

just make the "Credit Chip" instead of credit pouch

If carracter is killed his credits fall on the ground as "Credit Chip" or "credit card" if you want as well Data Pads,Data Cards items weapons etc..

anyone could find it and pick it up,but it will have to have good Computer Skills >3 to slice it and transfer the credit ammount (or part of it -->75-90%) to his own account depending of how successful is the slice.. skill check or something

1..PC go arround and finds "Credit Chip",Data Pad or Data Card
2.Picks it up
3.Slice -success or failure
4.Recieves credits,info,intel,etc.. and XP

that could not be hard to code..I think

Garven Stalwart

That sounds like a device a banking faction would design, enginer (security), and offer to its members (a use fee for the player, income for the bank) Provides security for a player from theft (hacking still an option).

So As to my questions in my second post where do I stand with any option of resolving this holding of my faction credits by an inactive (preferably without killing)? It soulds like one of the two small options of Cam or wait for combat.

Also questioned affect of involvement levels in arrest/exicute on force bar.


“You are part of the Corporate Alliance and a trader. Trade this you may.” -Satisfied Customer #3528.
I don't believe A/E has any effect of the Force Meter at the moment. Which isn't to say that Executing someone would be right if you try to RP a "good" character.

As for getting the credits back, basically you can't.


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