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Year 9 Day 272 20:15
Reld Drealius

1.I was looking at the rules page for explosives and throwing weapons, and I see a skill required for them. What skill do I need?

2.Were some of the rare armors (Mandalorian, stormtrooper, republic commando, etc) ever produceable? If not, how did they come into being? If yes, then just forget about that second one.

3.In the droids rules page, it said something about breakdown. Is it implemented? If so, is there a way to recover points lost due to breakdowns?

4.How come there are unique items? Why and when were they handed out, and are they still being handed out?

Thank you for your time.


Year 9 Day 272 20:21
Reld, to the best of my knowledge here you go.

1. Combat is not implemented. I imagine projectile and Heavy projectile skills are involved but anything could change before combat so don't assigni sp's counting on this

2. Rare items were onne either able to be produced or were CP items and have since become un[producable few of these are sold and the ones that are cost a small fortune

3. I don't belive this is yet implemented and I have no idea if rules for the breakdown have yet been drafted

4. I don't think any new items are being handed out they were in the past not sure of the reason though.


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Year 9 Day 272 20:23
Reld Drealius

All right, thanks for the fast answer.


Year 9 Day 272 20:36
Regarding 2 and 4, there have been various different reason that rare or unique items have been handed out. And to my knowledge, some of them have never been handed out.
Most of those that have been handed out were as rewards for games or RPs (none of which are still occuring, to my knowledge, but may later) or for work on the game where an amount of CPs would be inadequate or ineffective compensation.


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Year 9 Day 272 22:31
As for 1. I believe in the rules page for the Throwing weapons the skills used are an average of Strength and Dexterity.