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Year 9 Day 288 4:36
Ok I used cp's purchased an rp item a day or 2 ago and while it did not spawn on the ground or subtract cp's it did appear in my inventory as existing. Its location is listed as

Stored In Unknown Location

After searching my ship which I had not left since placing the order or whatever you call it.

These 2 facts if have led me to assume that the object has not spawned.

If I am incorrect and it has spawned then I apologise for wasting the admins time.

Year 9 Day 288 10:29
It means the application is still pending. Patience. You might want to send an e-mail to the Art director (I think that's the right person, if not someone will correct me) if it stays that way in another couple of days.


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Year 9 Day 288 16:19
No no the Item has had the custom image on it and in my inventory that's what I am saying the custom image and the name are in my inventory but it does not have a position.


So the image exists, its in my inventory but it was never spawned elsewhere is what I am saying.

Edit Nevermind I assumed it appearing in your inventory meant it was accepted I apologise for wasting your time >.<.

Edited By: Wrarku Rekab on Year 9 Day 289 1:14