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Year 9 Day 315 13:55

why the clones dont get counted as a race

Year 9 Day 315 14:17

#21. Cloning

Year 9 Day 315 14:30
Ralic Feali
Ralic Feali
I don't think that's what he's asking about. I think he's asking why the clones from the old clone army isn't a selectable race. Though if you want my reasoning behind it, clones aren't even a race on their own, just a copy of an existing person.

Year 9 Day 315 19:13
You can always be a species like Human, Selkath, Wookiee and simply say you are a clone in your biography and for roleplaying purposes.

While the game engine won't let you select clone, your own imagination and role play possibilities allow you to be a clone.


Year 9 Day 315 20:42
Deleted Post
Deleted by Mantra Sardis. Reason: I was being an ass, thanks to Volk for pointing that out.
Year 9 Day 315 21:08
Why can't you learn their language well enough to talk to them? Don't bash people about that, it's not easy to learn a new language. Props for trying.


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Year 9 Day 315 23:32
A clone is still the race it was cloned from, as Mike said if you want to be a clone nothings stopping you from saying you are one.


Year 9 Day 316 0:58
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
If it helps, at one point, Stormtroopers were counted as a race, with Carida as homeplanet. They were an NPC-only race. And for much of the beginning of the Empire, all stormtroopers were former clonetroopers.

I don't know for sure why they were removed as such, but my guess is that they were removed because more organizations than just the Galactic Empire had the ability to hire Stormtrooper NPCs, which didn't suit well with aforementioned faction.
That is, of course, just speculation based on own assumptions, so I could be very wrong with that.


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Year 9 Day 316 4:18
No, Ceso, they were removed by they were converted into a NPC class, which suited them better. Because as a Race, you could hire Stormtrooper ground troops, but also pilots, builders, medics, etc...


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