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Archives » Can I please have my character deleted?
Solis Valorem

I have already sent an email to the admin email, but having not heard back from anyone I just wanted to be safe by starting a thread here. I am not too happy with my character now that I understand the game, so I wanted to start over as a new character. I didnt see any "Kill/Delete this character" option so I am requesting that one of the admins kill this one so that I could start over. I am willing to go through the normal registration routine with the new character, I just dont want to break any rules by having this character still here. If you'd rather me just leave this character for good and start over with a new one with a Multi-Request and let this character die after the 9 month period I could do that too. Its really up to you, but I would appreciate it if someone could just kill this character off and let me start anew. Thank you very much, and as I said in the email, I think you all are doing a stand-up job creating a fantastic game!!


the reason why you don't see a "Suicide" button is: it is not intended that players start-anew instantly.
And admin-interference for that action will not happen.

So: find someone that kills you or fly into a sun. In any case: you would have to wait for another 3 weeks before you can make up a new character.


Solis Valorem

The waiting period would be fine for me, so long as I can get it done. How would be the best way to find people who may want to kill a random person? btw, thanks for the post!

Well, try the classifieds or the Commerce sub-forum in the RPG Centre.

But my advise to you would be: get a better feeling for the "game". Maybe your character is not that bad at all.
Character stats (without some rare exclusions) are neither needed to perform actions nor required to become a valuable member of any of the plenty of factions.


Yes, give your character a go and you may find that your stats aren't that bad. In truth, there is technically nothing you cannot do, even with 0 in the relevant skill. All it means is that it costs more or takes longer.

However if you do feel that you character is destined to die, contact the Krath Dynasty and we can probably arrange something.


Solis Valorem

Well, I still plan on having this character knocked off just because I'd rather start as a different race and some stats changed, but I do appreciate everyone's help. I just didnt want to get into the game, you know, getting items and maybe even a ship from my faction when I knew that this character wasnt going to be sticking around.

I guess I just didnt want to waste anyone's time or credits.

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Solis Valorem

Just because I am curious, why isnt there a suicide button? I would figure that the three week wait would be enough to discourage its rampant use...

Its because the Admin don't want to condone suicide etc.


Solis Valorem

I suppose I could see that, well, what about something like "Make this character an NPC" *shrug* I am not telling them how to do anything, seeing as they run a very popular and very cleanly run free video game, I was just wondering thats all. I appreciate all of the responses everyone! I have had some really nice (?) messages sent to me in order to help me with my problem (?) and so I think it will be resolved.