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Year 9 Day 328 8:53
Is anyone else having this issue? I am standing out in the open on a tile where it is non lava. I have sufficient credits to build yet when I click on start process button I get the error message: "Permission denied: You are not on the ground."

But I am standing on the surface.

Year 9 Day 328 9:31
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
This has been reported numerous times. They are aware, and it is supposedly being worked on.


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Year 9 Day 328 17:31
heres the bugbase link for it.


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Year 9 Day 330 5:42
So looks like we're able to build cities again however the button that submits the city build permission to the local government is broken. I don't see my build permission request anywhere.

Also the button itself is labled "Send't".

edit: Just received confirmation from the government I submitted the city build permission to that they did not receive my submission after I pressed "Send't".

Edited By: Sheng-ji Yang on Year 9 Day 330 9:06
Year 9 Day 332 13:19
sweet, we can build again then?



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Year 9 Day 332 13:21
No, it seems the 'Request Permission' link is still broke.

Year 9 Day 332 14:18
but I don't have to request permission though ...



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Year 9 Day 332 16:33
If you don't need to request permission, it should indeed be back to normal.

Year 9 Day 339 15:33
Any updates on this?


Year 9 Day 339 15:53
You mean like it being fixed?

I guess trying it or monitoring the bug base instead of pestering me to answer questions on the forums would have been much harder.