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Archives » Any Idea on new CP Bonus ship costs (CP wise)?
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
Just wondering how much the new CP ships will cost when they are released so I can decide whether or not its worth saving my CPs for the new ships?



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Raw Material price divided by 10 ;)


Liet Kinds
Liet Kinds
Current CP ships go for 10% of the Estimated Raw Material Price. Unles the admin suggest otherwise I wouldn't expect this to change.

Edit: Sorry about the repeated info. Didn't refresh before I posted.

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Kaz Zarlengaz
Kaz Zarlengaz
Thank you for the totally unhelpful link, Kaz.

Yes, 10% of RMP. This is a little list I made for myself:

YT-1760 - 29k
ETA-2 - 6k
Gozanti Cruiser - 25k
Namana-class Light Cruiser - 292k
Personal Luxury Yacht 5000 - 39k
Rho-class Shuttle - 29k
Baudo-class Star Yacht - 17k
BR-23 Courier - 12k
Ginivex-class Starfighter - 9k

Just rough estimates.

Kevin Goodman
Kevin Goodman
lol Kaz


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Voligne Archon
Voligne Archon
Now I just need to figure out a quick way to earn 292k CP's between now and then.