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Year 9 Day 336 4:36
is there anyway I can delete my character and create a new one? I don't want to kill my character because of the wait and I currently can't anyway because I am trapped in a space station.


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Year 9 Day 336 4:43
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

No, sorry. Either drop your character after having been under arrest for three weeks, or get killed and wait three weeks.

If you're trapped on that station for three weeks even after having contacted the owner you can ask an asim to have you moved, though.


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Year 9 Day 336 4:48
ok then thanks


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Year 9 Day 336 12:26
one quick question who is an asim?


~Corban at your service
Year 9 Day 336 13:04
Xortyph LoKebo

Maybe try one of these Sentients: Alizee Anna Tia, Syn, Togan Jano, Phryss, Zephlin Abath?


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Year 9 Day 337 1:59
Huh? Only Zephlin Abath, Selatos, Ranma, and Alizee Anna Tia are ASims, though Ranma is typically inactive and Sel mostly does server stuff. assistants@swcombine.com is the general e-mail to reach them all, though.

Edited By: Syn on Year 9 Day 337 2:00