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Archives » Trying to get off a planet
Year 9 Day 337 12:53
Jahat Volrath

Who do I look for in order to get off a planet? I went to the storeport and tried to talk to every yellow human icon who has the off-planet icon nexc it. When I click on talk there are no options. Should I be looking for someone else? Also, when I tal kto someone in the game how do I know I have a message back from them? Sorry, real newbie trying to figure out the game and get over to the faction I joined.

Year 9 Day 337 13:06

Belive me, I am a newbie, but don't you have to go to travel or somthing? Has your faction assigned you a ship?

Year 9 Day 337 13:14
Jahat Volrath

did the travel, but i have to meet my faction on another planet.

Year 9 Day 337 13:17
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

If I recall correctly you enter the starport, then head for the docking bay area. There you should be able to choose NPC travel under actions.


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Year 9 Day 337 13:26
Jahat Volrath

thank you, now another dumb question, they will lessen once I learn all the basics. There is a blinking icon where it shows my speed and hit points. Almost looks like the old pong board before video games took off. It looks like one is talking to the other and it says message. Yet there are no messages in my envelope along the top which usually blinks yellow. What is this message icon and how do I answer it?

Year 9 Day 337 13:34
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Click the 'events' button a bit below the blinking light.


Staff consensus that avatar was inappropriately suggestive. (retards)
Year 9 Day 337 18:54
Deleted Post
Jahat Volrath
Deleted by Jahat Volrath. Reason: Found the answer to my own question
Year 9 Day 338 2:43
Sanatana Profigous

Wheres the docking bay?


Year 9 Day 338 4:21
Jahat Volrath

In my starport I had to go up some stairs and then clicked the travel button. there will be a list on the left one of which will say 'Spaceflight'. Click on that and select your destination.