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Year 9 Day 339 7:24

A bit of an odd request. I would like to request someone retrieve any DM messages from Angela Skorzeka to myself (Kriston Tsin) starting from Year 9 Day 321 to about present time. I had sent Miss Skorzeka a message on Day 321 and Day 325; her replies should be around those two time points.

Given how recent that time period is, I realize that any messages Miss Skorzeka sent to me since Day 321 should exist in my inbox. However, they aren't there, and Miss Skorzeka claims that she had sent me those messages. I made a post in the Trader's Lounge assuming she never messaged me, and now inadvertently caused a fuss because I was under the impression those messages never existed.

Assuming those messages exist, should I make a bug report about DM messages going missing?

Thanks for any help.


Edit: Fixed a typo. I sent messages on day 321 and 325, NOT 221 and 225.

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Year 9 Day 339 9:12
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Year 9 Day 339 10:25
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Year 9 Day 339 13:43
There is no known bug with this feature. If the recipient of a DM deletes the message while it still appears in their inbox, it will no longer display for either the recipient or the sender (in their Sent Messages folder). It may also be that the recipient is only looking at new messages, rather than all messages. In either case this is intended behavior, so we cannot help you with this since these are not archived events. We only look up events for you if they are inaccessible to you due to archiving.