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Year 6 Day 266 3:49
help i keep gettin rejected in my account saying im makin multi accounts but im not

Year 6 Day 266 4:15
are you signing up from a school or anywhere else where there might be a shared connection?

have you tried to sign up more then once?


Year 6 Day 266 4:33
i tried 2 months ago but im not on a shared connection

Year 6 Day 266 5:52
maybe thats the reason then, you already have a account created and now trying to sign up with the same email or from the same connection etc.

you should try the lost password function


Year 6 Day 266 6:17
ive tried both and niether works

Year 6 Day 266 7:32
so wat should i do

Year 6 Day 266 7:36
well, did the email say anything more? maybe a email adress to contact?

what handle did you try to sign up with?


Year 6 Day 266 7:40
my handle is Mighty Ford

Year 6 Day 266 8:21
Have you got a junk email filter, because the original acceptance email 2 months ago could have gone into that and got deleted?



Uber Fishyness
Year 6 Day 266 8:31
i dont have an email filter and the email i recieved 2 months ago declined my membership for the same reasons

Year 6 Day 266 12:25
It's a possible reason that it's not accepted because they might not view "Mighty" as a proper first name.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 268 7:06
it doesnt need to be a proper name does it

Year 6 Day 268 7:22
Yes, you need to have a proper name (Not something like zzzzzz) as your handle ( Character creation rules ), but if that was the problem you would have had a different email back...

Edited By: Miko Niepe on Year 6 Day 268 7:25


Uber Fishyness
Year 6 Day 268 7:52
aawww i realy want 2 play

Year 6 Day 268 10:08
What's the problem with using a proper name? It doesn't have to be your actual name, you can just make one up, it just has to be somewhat more serious than in other games.


Year 6 Day 270 9:38
so how can i be able 2 play

Year 6 Day 270 13:04
follow the character creation rules, then all should work out fine ...

the rules can be found here:


Year 6 Day 271 1:00
ive done all that and it didnt work

Year 6 Day 271 1:00
i got the same email again

Year 6 Day 271 3:40
Reply to the email you got, as it says reply if you do not know why your application has been rejected, then explain your circumstances to syn and hopefully it will all sort out...



Uber Fishyness
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