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Archives » Inventory 2, 'under construction' sheet
I've seen that the facilities displayed in the 'under construction' sheet that were still under construction before the update aren't displayed anymore and thus can't be paused/unpaused. We've tried to find the construction times in both new and old inventory itself but the ETA's there aren't displayed over there neither. At first I thought it was because I had lost my privs with the update, but our leader can't see them as well. Only the facilities that are being build after the update have an ETA displayed in the inventory sheets and appear in the 'under construction' sheet. We are busy with constructing tax planets, so this poses quite some problems. The only way we think to (un)pause certain facilities, is by doing it manually by flying to the facilities itself. Is there any other solution? Or is there a possibility to get these facilities displayed again? Many thanks

Edited By: Davy Brokiss on Year 10 Day 26 8:39

If this is a bug (which it seems to be), then we have a perfectly functioning bug base for the reporting and tracking of such issues.


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Ah ok thanks for the info, I will proceed to the bug base then.