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Year 10 Day 49 22:39
Dan Cotter
Dan Cotter
i dont want to sound like a noob who says i wanna be a jedi force test me but

when you do get force sensitive will it open up a new skill menu or just siths or jedi's know....hey how do they find out if you have the power of the force?

Year 10 Day 49 23:32
There's a different page for Force training. On that page is a link for them to Force test people.

Year 10 Day 50 22:31
Dan Cotter
Dan Cotter
its got a pass and i dont know what it is

Year 10 Day 50 22:42
If you refer to the forum, then it is for those who are Force Aware only.

If you are asking how a Force User tests someone, then Mikel described it for you as best he can without you seeing it.

If you are asking how to find a Force User to GET tested, then you will have to handle that in an IC manner. It should not be answered by anyone on these forums. You may start by asking your faction.


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