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Year 10 Day 50 13:45
Ton Fanan

Greetings!I would like to ask you a question-I want to create another character(with star-fighter piloting stats,instead of my recycling).Is it possible for me to create this character,transfer money from my old one(current one) and delete him after?I just don`t want to lose all my money i`ve eared.So is it forbidden?

Year 10 Day 50 13:59
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

No, it's not allowed to have multiple accounts. Nor is it allowed to transfer assets between characters via a third party.

If you want a new character then you'll have to kill your current one, then wait three weeks to respawn.

Year 10 Day 50 14:27
Ton Fanan

Alright,a few more quetions:).How do i kill my character fast,when it will respawn,can i reassign my talent points,will i lose all my money,and the last,will i respawn with the same level i had?

Year 10 Day 50 14:39
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

"How do i kill my character fast" - If you have a ship, simply fly into a sun.

"when it will respawn,can i reassign my talent points" - Naturally, yes.

"will i lose all my money" - Yup, you're dead.

"will i respawn with the same level i had" - No, you start at level one, just like a new player.

Year 10 Day 50 15:11
Ton Fanan

Thank you kind soul!

P.S.Forgive a newbie,but is there any another way of death in the city?I`m not in a faction,without a ship,so i don`t think it`s possible for me to fly into the sun..

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Year 10 Day 50 15:19
Ka`rla Leakey

If you ask certain factions they will be quite happy to come along and execute you. Remember you will gain skills as you level up so may be best to stick with the skills you have and see how you get on.

Year 10 Day 50 19:27
Instead of creating a new topic I'll post here as it was brought up here...
So its not allowed to give your stuff to someone and have them give it back after you recreate? Just making sure...



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Year 10 Day 50 19:32
From the Rules Section "Life and Death"-

3.3.1/ What happens to your Items
Since your new character has no relation to your old character (the server does not recognize family relations, even if you choose to roleplay as the family member of your old character), your old character's assets cannot be returned to you. You are not allowed to make a will of any sort that would result in your new character getting your old character's items. Doing so is a violation of the golden rule (IC/OOC separation) and will be punished.

Any other question you may have could be covered under said Rules.


Year 10 Day 50 19:51
Oops must have missed that one



"My phone autocorrects your name to ham bazooka, I thought you should know."
Year 10 Day 50 22:10
On the other hand, if you paid a reasonable amount for those entities, getting them back should be no problem. Just so long as you aren't getting something for nothing.


Year 10 Day 50 22:17
And as long as you don't hunt for the same specific entity. If you look for "a YT 510", most people will be fine. If Syn died, and searched for her modded one, chances are she'd be in trouble regardless how much she paid.


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