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Archives » IP adresses "The following were sharing an IP without registering: "
sorry to be ignorant on the subject, but, what is the IP address,
I always assumed it was the 'Internet Provider' or sommink,
does it change with every house address?

Reason I ask is that 99% of people in Cyprus use the same Internet Provider.




Its an address given, generally, to each internet connection. Your thinking of ISP - Internet Service Provider. There are internet sites that can show you your IP Address.


Basically, the IP address is the internet address of your computer. Every time you connect with your ISP, your computer (or router if you have more than one Computer with internet access) gets assigned an IP address to communicate with the rest of the world. ISPs usually have a range of IP addresses to assign to their customers, thus it is very rare that two different house addresses get assigned the same IP address (unless in certain cases, but we know how to handle those).


thx for the info. M fraid I lost track of computers n stuff after the Spectrum 48k :)

What ever happened to rubber keys?



WIndows - click start, run, type in command then in the window that opens type ipconfig
You should see a short output of your ip address gateway, dns server etc.

Linux - in any term window type ifconfig

Tarc, that's only useful if you aren't behind a personal router (then it'll only show your private address).


Ahh, True.

Ya forget the details when you run too many spaces...

I was thinking of your typical university environment where all the dorms are behind the same DMZ/Gateway/DNS space. If your gateway matches a friend and the DNS server is the same I'd register multi for sure. If you have a personnel router you'd have to look at its settings...


two other simple ways

E-mail your isp provider and ask them how they work
very politely dm multi accounts and tell them you don't know if your isp has you sharing, and if so, please let you know with whom so you can arrange to multi account with that person/persons.

I would only recommend the last if your isp is an ass about telling you it's IP number assignment policy.


Most ISPs function in the same way. The exception is that a handful of ISPs display all their users as behind the same proxy, but SWC distinguishes that, and those users don't need to register, since they would need to register with every other person using that ISP at all.

So the easiest way is just to ask any SWC assistant, instead of pestering your ISP and trying to interpret what they tell you. We can check your IP address, we can check if you're using a proxy, and we can compare the IP between two accounts.

The general guideline is that you need to register if you are using the same immediate connection as another SWC player. This means if you share a computer, or if your computers are networked and connect through the same router, you need to register. If neither of those are the case, and you never share a connection (meaning you never log into SWC from the other person's connection) you don't need to register. It is pretty straightforward.