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Year 10 Day 66 6:23
Jahat Volrath
Jahat Volrath
When you look under your stocks it lists the stocks you have and then the value off to the right of it. I am assuming that value is per share but then in the () it says total? Is this the price for all my shares or each individual share?

Year 10 Day 66 6:42
Yes that is the value of all the stocks you own of that faction combined.


Year 10 Day 66 7:42
Jahat Volrath
Jahat Volrath
Thanks, the math doesn't add up when I see what the current market value is per share , but I guess it is based on what it could sell for in the marketplace or something.

Thanks again.

Year 10 Day 66 7:51
The value shown in your inventory is the value based on the faction's value (i.e. credits, facilities, ships etc.). The actual market value is not at all related to the faction value but is based solely on supply and demand.


Year 10 Day 66 8:36
Jahat Volrath
Jahat Volrath
Perfect, thanks for everyone's help and quick reply.

Year 10 Day 66 18:30
Yeah, you will find a lot of the values given yb the rules and server are actually a lot less than the markets have them for, simply because of inflation etc.


Year 10 Day 69 22:04
In realtion to stocks is there any other places where deals are made apart from centerpoint ?


Year 10 Day 69 22:48
People use Centrepoint mainly, and to a lesser extent the Trade Federation Market as well as the Galactic Market.

And of course the Commerce, Auction House, and Gambling Hut forums in the RPG Centre and the Classifieds.

Year 10 Day 69 23:08
Additionally, some people advertise on the various traders rooms on the IRC channel.