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Year 10 Day 67 12:35
Kai Klonus
Kai Klonus
Am trying to get my Lancer Speeder Bike into my Courier Ship. Both are mine, i'm on both Crew lists. The Lancer should easily fit in the Courier, but when i try to Dock, it won't let me saying that the only place i can dock is in a nearby Apartment building! I've been working this from both Cockpits on a turn by turn basis, but can't work out what i'm doing wrong, help please! I know it'll be something stupidly easy that i'm missing but hey ho. oh yeah, and i'm having a bit of a problem getting my Sig to show up rather than the photbucket image link. My lucky day.

Year 10 Day 67 12:41
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
To address the loading a vehicle in a Courier part, the Courier does not have a vehicle bay so it can never have any vehicle loaded into it.

Only craft showing this image: hangarBay1.gif can have vehicles loaded into them.

Year 10 Day 67 13:05
Kai Klonus
Kai Klonus
heh. missed that completely. thank you.

Year 10 Day 67 13:55
For your signature you need to actually use HTML, not BBCode. When you hit reply on any topic on the forum, the little box to the right will have the code you need to use.


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