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Archives » Strange inability to fit items...
Year 10 Day 67 13:23
I'm simply trying to store some items inside of my small backpack. When I hit an illogical snag. As I am packing a pair of stun cuffs, it seems they won't quite fit despite the advertised space on the backpack. Here is the message I received:

"Insufficient Capacity: You need 0.0002 T (0.040 m3) but only have 0.0082 T (0.040 m3) free."

Last I checked, .0002 fits inside .0082 leaving .008 space. Also, last I checked, .040 fits inside .040. While a bit snug, it does fit. Something I really don't understand though is why does this happen with my small backpack? I packed my Construction Vest leaving 0 meters of space left, why can I not do the same with my backpack?

Any help or explanation would be appreciated!

Year 10 Day 67 15:15
It's probably a rounding error where you actually have something like .0399999999 m3 free and cannot technically fit the item in the backpack.

Year 10 Day 67 16:03
If that is the case then either (A.) One of the items in the backpack is not the indicated size (according to the rules page), or (B.) The small backpack does not have the shown space (according to the rules page). Either way, something needs to be fixed. Unless of course it was made that way for a reason, in which case I would like to know why the small backpack and not the construction vest.