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Year 10 Day 68 12:17
I docked at a starport, got out of my ship, and now it's just gone. I can't find it anywhere. I messaged the building owner, but I have done that before and they never get back to me. What happened? What do I do?


Year 10 Day 68 12:24
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Have you checked in your inventory to see where it is?

May also be possible that if it is a faction ship you have been unassigned pilot privileges so then you wouldn't see it when you wander around.

Year 10 Day 68 12:39
I was loaned the ship from a freelancer. I have checked my inventory. It is supposed to be in the same place it was when I docked (obviously) but it doesn't show up at all. I walked around the whole building, then went ouside and checked. It's just gone.


Year 10 Day 68 13:04
Are you sure you docked it in the facility? If not, it might still be above the facility.
If you docked it, then walk to the docking bay of the facility and you should find your ship there.

Year 10 Day 68 13:07
I docked. I have already been to the docking bay. It isn't there.


Year 10 Day 68 13:16
When you get to the docking bay, try doing a scan. It seems like maybe you were removed as pilot so it's not showing up as enter-able? If that's not it, I'm not quite sure what could be the problem.



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

Year 10 Day 68 13:20
been there, done that. And I am the pilot. Checked that too.


Year 10 Day 68 13:24
Could it of been one of the assets that were going to be removed/deleted?


Artemis de Chatillon

Year 10 Day 68 13:26
not that I know of and even if it was, why would it have happened the second I got out of the ship? Plus, it's still listed on my inventory.

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Year 10 Day 68 13:56
Thanks everyone. Togan helped me solve the problem via IRC.