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Year 10 Day 68 15:19
When is R&D going to be implemented?

Year 10 Day 68 15:54
Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
Soon™ I would say

Year 10 Day 68 16:52
Ralic Feali
Ralic Feali
It's been said that it'll be released after combat.

Year 10 Day 68 16:55
Some people say before combat, some say after. The latest Sim News post seems to indicate it is closer than combat is:

With R&D on the horizon...

- Ulrik Baniss Damarcus

Or his idea of "...on the horizon..." is way different than my idea of it.

Year 10 Day 68 17:54
Then when is combat coming? May be they will come at the same time. Guess time will tell.

Edited By: Tyra Shay on Year 10 Day 68 17:55
Year 10 Day 68 18:40
Hjrool Ohr
Hjrool Ohr
I heard there is a forum script reporting the combat release for 1 month every time someone ask.

Hjrool Ohr


Year 10 Day 69 0:45
Hjrool speaks truth. :P

Really, don't ask. Why? Because we all do this in our spare time and have varying amounts of time to spend making this game every week/month. We don't know when anything is going to be released because we can't just quit our "day jobs" and code for the Combine, so we find it very annoying when people ask. ;)

Year 10 Day 69 0:58
The short answer is "nobody has a clue."

The long answer is "possibly a few years after a deadline is announced and not met."

I'm going to close this because there is no possible accurate answer to your question. There is simply no information right now; you will need to be patient.