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Archives » droids cargo or passenger?
Year 10 Day 78 22:06
Ben Magma
Ben Magma
are droids counted towards your cargo space or your passenger space?

Edited By: Ben Magma on Year 10 Day 81 17:07

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Year 10 Day 78 23:13
Both I believe.


Year 10 Day 79 1:24
If they are deactivated (still inside their box), they count as cargo. Once they are activated, they count as passengers.


Year 10 Day 80 15:47
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
They can be turned on and off?!?



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Year 10 Day 80 15:54
I think they can only currently be turned on once (initial activation after being produced). They can't be turned back off.


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Year 10 Day 80 17:00
I'm sure I had a droid with me once - no other items or vehicles etc on the ship, just me and a droid. Passenger space was taken up, and the cargo capacity available was reduced.


Year 10 Day 80 23:37
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