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Year 10 Day 82 9:00
I'm just curious. How come when I have my ship that has room for 2 escape pods parked next to the escape pods I can't load the escape pods?
I understand that the escape pods can be docked in a ship with a docking bay but if my ship is built to hold 2 escape pods and doesn't have a docking bay I should still be able to load two on it.
FYI: I have a PLY-5000 and I would like to supply it with it's 2 escape pods.
Let me know if this just hasn't been implemented yet.

Dr. Manta Birostris

P.S. Hope this helps others with the same question in the future.

Year 10 Day 82 9:07
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Because escape pods are not yet implemented.

Year 10 Day 82 11:04
Keram McDlanar
Keram McDlanar
At least not way you would want them - for now they are just fighter type ships without hyper. They must be transported by other ships with docking bays. Also (as far i know) after landing on planet surface they can't ascend without other ship's help.


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Year 10 Day 82 11:55
Im sure that they will be used to "escape" before combat is implemented

Year 10 Day 82 20:28
Manta, Entirely ignore the description of craft as there are many inconsistancies between the canon descritpion that I think most ships have and what they can actually do in the combine.


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Year 10 Day 83 9:15
Thanks to all. That is what I thought but some...ok most of the time what I think is incorrect so thanks again.