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Archives » Sector Requierment for Government Factions
I tried to get this answered during the Q&A, so I figured I'd ask this here.

Will Government Factions be required to maintain control of a sector in order to escape reversion, or does this only apply to creation?


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Of course it'll be necessary to maintain control.

Teyacapan, seeing as you are not an admin, I'd like to know your reasoning behind this assumption. Currently, it is possible to stay a government without fulfilling all of the requirements (With the exception of activity and faction value, for which there are active checks against dissolution). Has there been an announcement I've missed pointing to this change, or are you simply speculating?


Ka`rla Leakey

See Sim News "2009 SWC Dev Meeting - Day 3 (Posted by Seele on Year 10 Day 76)"

# Governments will require 40 members (increased from 30)
# Governments will need to have control of a Sector (in addition to 1 system and 3 planets)
# Raw Materials will not count towards capital for the creation of a government (but continue to be considered capital after creation)

Edited By: Ka`rla Leakey on Year 10 Day 84 2:52
And if you read right above that...
a result of the brainstorming of ideas the following changes to faction creation have been decided upon: 

Hence the confusion.

Coeus Ahlstedt

Fine print wins out every time.


\"Success is always on the other side of convenience.\"
According to Veynom, it will "probably be both, needed at creation and after."




If it wasn't required to avoid reversion then you could create as many goverments as you like from the same sector, that would make it a rather pointless requirement whilst failing to achieve the results it was added for.


I mean seriously...who was expecting otherwise?
Why make it necessary to have a sector to create a government and then remove the sector check after the faction is a govt...

Yeah...gotta agree with Ral on this one.


Sillier things have been done.


Xavze Zavan

There are several sectors where control could ebb and flow.Do we want Govs being toppled by another gov building tax planets?


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yes, yes we do.

Xavze Zavan

Allrighty then


How would you like to pay income tax EVERY month?