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Archives » Questions about leadership skill
Year 10 Day 93 15:50
I know that the leadership skill will be used to determine how many NPCs you can have in your party,
will this affect droids as well?

Also, are there any current uses for the leadership skill?

Year 10 Day 93 16:32
I don't see anything in the current rules to suggest that someone with a higher leadership skill will be able to have more NPCs or droids in their party.


Currently, the leadership skill reduces the amount of time for production of ships/items/droids, and construction of facilities.

Year 10 Day 94 11:48
I know I heard it somewhere... Something about leadership affecting the number of NPCs you can lead...

Oh, well. I guess I'll just wait until the skill is more implemented.

Coleman Rendar

I believe the leadership skill affects your NPC's abilities when in your party (skill bonuses etc.)

-edit ofc, maybe an admin can clarify, but thats what ive been told/inffered. And ofc its not implemented yet

Edited By: Coleman Rendar on Year 10 Day 95 8:40

Year 10 Day 95 12:55
I'll wait until it's use is more defined before investing SP into it, thanks for the help!

Year 10 Day 95 13:29

Last I heard the leadership skill would not influence how many NPC's you could lead due to the complication that would add to faction logistics. I have also never heard anything about leadership providing skill bonuses to NPC's, ever.

It is quite possible that leadership will have little influence in future features as it is already heavily used by existing ones.

Of course nothing can be said with any real certainty at this point.