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Year 10 Day 95 14:28

It's been 73 hours since i registered, and i haven't received an e-mail declining or accepting my account.

is there anything i can do then to wait even longer?

Year 10 Day 95 14:50
yeah, pull back your application.....hehe

Youll learn that you have to wait for things at this stage in the combine. Once an Admin looks at this you will get your answer on how much longer.

Year 10 Day 95 15:25
Read the sticky thread in this forum. It will help you to determine whether your account is still pending or you just didn't receive the acceptance/rejection mail.



Year 10 Day 95 22:13
What Syn said, but also, check your "Junk/Bulk" mail folder because it may have been automatically directed there.

Year 10 Day 96 7:29

Ok, its almost 06 hrs since i registered.

I'll still be waiting for an e-mail.And I always check my spam/junk folder.

Year 10 Day 96 13:22
You account has not been approved yet because it is waiting for the Multi-Accounts Admin to process it.



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Year 10 Day 96 16:05

Ok, do you have any idea of how much longer that will take?

because is's been about 100 hours since i registered.

Year 10 Day 97 17:26
Unfortunately we have no way of knowing the multi director's schedule. Hopefully he will have time this weekend; you can try to contact him at



Year 10 Day 97 17:33
Gitane Z Demone

Or how about not, he was accepted/multied. :P



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Year 10 Day 100 13:03
lol i already got ccpeted, thanks anyway. even though it took a really long time.


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Year 10 Day 100 15:12
You have to remember that we volunteer here, we do have lives away from our computers. It is even possible to way from your computer for more than a couple days actually.



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Year 10 Day 100 16:54
It is even possible to way from your computer for more than a couple days actually. 

No wai!!!!111


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