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Archives » Ok, where where is that shop...
Year 10 Day 101 6:12
Shade Taur

Does anyone know where is the shop in Mon Calamari? I need a vehicle! And possibly ship...

Edited By: Shade Taur on Year 10 Day 101 6:12
Year 10 Day 101 6:55
You should be able to rent a vehicle from the "Vehicle rental" NPC who is somewhere in the city. NPC Shops don't sell ships or vehicles, they only sell a few basic items. A little different is the NPC Market, which you can access from Commerce Centres (however, there might not be one in your city or your planet, as they have to be built by factions). Since the NPC Market offers entities at very low prices, it's usually empty. Additionally, the entities you buy there are most likely not at the same location as you.

If you want anything else than those items provided there, you will have to buy them from a faction or another player, but note that they are quite expensive and usually not obtainable with your starting money.


Year 10 Day 102 20:41
Mike Mejia

i signed up but i cant find the stupid control panel and how do i play this is realy realy frustrating somone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Year 10 Day 104 2:29
Have you read The Guide? It's linked from the top of every page and provide you with a lot of information for your first days in the game.