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Year 10 Day 104 16:49
Lucas Valentine

As it happens, I joined SWC from the refferal of a RL friend. I wanted to join the Galactic Empire, so I did. When i spawned on their planet, I couldnt get any transport from them to get me off it. so I left and joined another faction. When they came to pick me up, a shield stopped them from doing so. I asked in the help forum and they said to rejoin the Galactic Empire and wait for transport to arrive (if any). ive tried to join the GE and they declined. seems i cant rejoin anymore.

Im now stuck on a planet with no way in or out. So my Account is.. well useless, id like to be killed and have another made in the 30 days.


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Year 10 Day 104 17:23
Hiyo Rogo

DMed you, with a possible (IC) solution.

Year 10 Day 104 17:49
Tony Barzini

You asked that in another thread and it was answered there, I'm unsure how a Forum MODERATOR will be able to help you, them not being admin.


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\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
\"Rescue the terrorists, disarm the president, and kill the hostages...\"
\"Disarm the hostages
Year 10 Day 105 2:09
Jeb`el Ras

Lucas, what date did you leave the GE?
You'll have to wait 3 weeks from that date.
THEN, contact an Admin via email or on IRC (if you can find one)


' ' ',
` Jeb`el
Moebius (co-founder)

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Year 10 Day 105 8:40
Hiyo Rogo

Jeb, I resolved it ICly, and am getting him off the planet.

Year 10 Day 105 11:30
In any case, the admins do not kill characters; it always needs to be handled in game.