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Year 10 Day 104 18:26
Well, my user is Kent Ruud, and i am writing here to inform admin that i can't login to SWC. For some reason when i key in my password, and enter, the login page just refreshes, and thats all. As a side note that has happen even as i have tried the 4 options spoken in syc topic, so i hope this problem can be settled fast. Thanks

Year 10 Day 104 18:43
Tony Barzini

You already have opened a Thread in another forum, posting the same thing twice will get you noticed sure, but not in the way you probably want. Your question was answered to the best of the posters ability's there, once an admin (such as Syn) views the forums hopefully he will see it and help you out, until then just sit tight and have patience. If you dont have that then SWC wont be the game for you :P


\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
\"Rescue the president, Rescue the hostages, disarm the terrorists...\"
\"Rescue the terrorists, disarm the president, and kill the hostages...\"
\"Disarm the hostages
Year 10 Day 105 9:45
Just for future reference, Syn = female Ranma = male :)



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Year 10 Day 105 11:26
I get that a lot.