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Year 10 Day 105 18:45
I signed up and it rejected it and said that it was suspicious, so I tried agian and e-mailed them. No one has an account on here so I dont know why I was rejected, I filled everything out. I e-mailed them twice and havent gotten a reply. Help I have been waiting two days

Year 10 Day 105 20:10
Are you at a library or college? What is your character's desired name?

Year 10 Day 106 11:10
None of that information is needed.

You share an IP address with three other players and are not connecting through a proxy. If you have an existing account here, or previously had an account, you need to continue to use it.



Year 10 Day 131 8:46
I am currently stationed in iraq and was wanting to start playing on your site. Due to the constant change of military life I am forced to play on net cafe servers and when I am at home I move about once per year. What do I need to do to start playing? Thank you

Jasin Brodowks