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Year 10 Day 107 7:49
Wulf Blitzerk

I just started up a character on swc, and im a corellian male. I did manual creation but i followed the smuggler template. I submitted an application to the smugglers guild, but no confirmation so far. However, I just exited the corellian welcome center and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing now, where to go how to act etc. Can someone please help get me started? I read a lot of the guides etc but im still very confused. thanks in advance.

Year 10 Day 107 9:08
Hiyo Rogo

Have you contacted anyone in the Smugglers Guild, and/or followed their outlined joining process on their holosite? That might expedite the process.

Year 10 Day 107 9:23
Wulf Blitzerk

im just totally confused in general about what to do, im going to the vehicle rental npc but its gonna take over 4 hours??? i feel like im doing something wrong shrug

Year 10 Day 107 9:52
Hiyo Rogo

First off, SWC is a time delayed game. It is played in real-time, but all actions are delayed substantially to provide a balance. Four hours is a reasonable timeframe in which to travel on foot.

Here is the link to the Smugglers Guild holosite: Here

As you may note in their join requirements, you need a ship. Unfortunately, as you are new to the game, you do not likely have one.

I might propose you look through the Positions Vacant forum for another career choice. There are many factions leaders, such as myself, who provide pickup and a ship suitable for your needs.

If, however, you are dead set on joining the Smugglers Guild, try DM (Darkness Messaging) their current leader, Nah Olos, and asking.

Year 10 Day 107 11:50
One square in a city is 2KM, so the travel time is realistic in my opinion.

Year 10 Day 107 15:18
You're not doing anything wrong, anyhow. Once your faction assigns you a ship to use, travel time across cities is down to minutes, and most travel takes place in hyperspace.



Year 10 Day 109 8:40
Wulf Blitzerk

hmm, ok thanks for all the advice, hopefully i think im starting to get a little of the hang of this. however, i was wondering if anyone had AIM so i could talk to them about starting out in this game, it just seems like such a fun game and i dont wanna miss out by making dumb mistakes or missing something. my AIM is Shinespike

Year 10 Day 109 9:21
Lexxa Sunnar

We use IRC chat. It can be found in the chat section. There you can talk to over 400 members and faction leaders.


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Year 10 Day 109 18:24
Wulf Blitzerk

i tried to use the irc but had some problems, can anyone come into irc chat room with me and have a discussion with me please? it would help immensely.

Year 10 Day 109 19:11
Hiyo Rogo

What room in particular? Try joining #swc-help